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Youtube vid - Maxton Engineering - Suzuki TL1000 Dampers

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nice find, i for one hadnt seen that clip before
I have it on DVD :;)
interesting i have that unit in the shed and the spring, going on my track bike if i ever finish it lol. used it on my road bike for 2 years. Now i got a jag i might have to sell it for petrol lol.
I went to that workshop and had bought the rear shock & spring and also had my forks revalved and sprung to their specs. Back was ok but front was pitifully soft and kept bottoming out under heavy braking. Cost me £900 back in 2002. I now run an Ohlins rear and forks built by FTR at Bury St Edmunds and the whole bike feels loads better.
One amusing thing that was left out of that video was that those doors you just get a glimpse of have dampers on...TLR ones ! I saw them for myself when it was pointed out to me what was the best usage for one of these units.
That was a useful insight. People do have a preconceived idea that these bikes are inherently dodgy. I'm yet to ride mine any appreciable distance and definitely have reservations. I still go back to the notion though that someone rode this machine for many years and never felt the need to do the upgrades so it should all be fine:O That said I'll probably upgrade it once I understand it more.
Well I've messed with the standard kit and from experience I can say that there are just two mods that cost pennies to do to std kit that make a world of difference in my a 4mm spacer washer between the top spring mount and the frame to raise the rear ride height and then drop the forks thru the yokes so they protrude thru the top by 10mm. Combine that with tyres that have a rounded profile such as pilot road/sport rather than the more pointy profiled Bridgestones. This will calm the front end and stop it from wanting to slap again all presuming your steering damper is std too. Cheap and cheerful and lets the bike drop and turn in much easier without that scary feeling of it wanting to run wide on the corners.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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