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I agree with you!! But the badge says Stainless...........weird.
The Full Yosh systems were offered with stainless steel or optional Titanium can sleeves. However, the badge says "STAINLESS" because the pipework (headers and mid-pipes) were stainless steel - not titanium.

The badge on the Full Titanium System says "TITANIUM" to set it apart from a stainless system with only Ti cans.

Do you think the bolt-on cans and the slip-on cans are the same?
Yes, the cans should be the same, but it would be good to verify that with Yoshimura, at Yoshimura R&D

Also, as of two years ago, Yoshimura was still offering the "slip-on" inlets for the RS-3s that could be purchased separately. I also purchased Ti sleeves separately, but I don't know if the carbon fiber sleeve was available.
Give Yosh a call....they don't show all the part options on the website.
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