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xmas day and i only had 1can of beer

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Mind you it was a nine Pinter from our local micro brewery :devious

Had a great day at my brother's with family
Merry Christmas to everyone on here, have a great new year guys, :beer
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Bit late to wish a merry xmas Gaz, but have a happy new year.:cheers
Nice .... Nine pints at 4.3% .... That'd certainly cause a brain storm for me:)
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sure honey, only 1 can, i know were going to the inlaws later, only 1.......
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I was at my brother's for the day and To be honest I thought I'd only drink about half of it but we started at about 12.30 just before dinner and it squirted out the last pint at about 8.30 in the evening, no-one else drinking it, and to be honest I didn't really feel drunk, :lol
Didn't have a hangover on boxing day either,
Got another can for Saturday down in Surrey at Adria's brothers.
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