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WTB v.clean low mileage TL1000R UK

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Hi all. Looking for a very clean, standard TL1000R, low mileage, preferably in blue/white colour scheme with the black and white tail. Serious buyer.
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Thanks Snowblind (yes I'm in Uk - Midlands), and yes, I'd seen that but was a little nervous re. the black frame - wondered if there was some other reason for doing it. Obviously been in pieces at some stage in its life. Cheers.
TLs are, on average, about 15 years old. There's very few of them left that haven't been pieces at some point. That one in the link looks pretty tidy. The mods like the frame and the mini indicators seem fairly restrained. Wheels etc look spotless so at a glance its been well cared for. Mileage is about as low as you'll find.

You could do a lot worse than go and look at it if its within your range.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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