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WTB Battery cover

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Hey guys...

Picked up a 03 TLR yesterday for a steal, has 9800 miles, runs great. The dealer I got it from lost the battery door for it though. The bike is yellow, with the 03 factory graphics. Anybody have a battery cover floating around they don't need? Otherwise, point me in the direction I can get one?

Thanks fellas.
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Where are you located? If you are in the US try www.Partsdepotstore,com / / or, search on the internet and you will find tons of places, I use partsdepotstore because they are the cheapest shipper to Canada and I find their price very reasonable. Most of them will ship in the US for free if you spend a certain amount of money.
Located in the US, right smack dab in the middle in KS. I saw a yellow one on babbit's for about 70 bucks minus the graphics, was hoping to get away cheaper than that.

Thanks for the links
Post up some pics of your bike, you can get a new one for cheaper depending on what other parts and stuff you need for your bike so you can get free shipping if you spend over a $99 bucks, plus it will be OEM equipment.

Your welcome good luck
Here's what I'm working with. I just put in an order on partsdepotstore for about 50 bucks for the battery cover itself, screws, and some misc fasteners, but I didn't order the cover in the plastics yet. I'm hoping to find one used, but that may be fat chance.

Anyways here's a crappy pic in the back of my truck from yesterday. It needs turn signals, grips, bar ends, a new shift lever, and tires, along with some misc fasteners and crap. Has yosh cans, and a programmer on it though. I did good on the price, I'm good with some small work.

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That's a nice looking bike don't look like much damage, post up some more pics as you get it completed.
Thanks man. Not a lot of damage. The lower fairing is going to need replaced, it was taken off a curb one too many times. I ordered a new fairing stay last night, the one on it was braced with steel plate and nails (yeah wtf). Otherwise a few small cracks, but no scrapes, scratches, or rash anywhere in the plastics. Still hoping to find a used yellow battery cover for cheaper.
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