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*********** WP rear shock for TL1000S

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Selling this for a customer......freshly rebuilt in Germany last summer for $175 Euro and has since not been installed nor ridden.

*********** (WP) rear shock replaces the OEM Suzuki rotary damper. The WP damper is 2-way adjustable and from what I've heard, performs better than a Bitubo (and if you ask a German, better than an Ohlins). :laugh

$375 USD plus shipping. Will ship International.

This WP damper comes with a bracket and bushings that the customer made in his machine shop and test fit on his own. We've not tried to install it, but it appears all the parts are included to fit it. It looks like it all works with OEM hardware but you might need to source a bolt or two if the OEM damper bolts don't work with it.

We are selling this used and 'as-is'. To the best of our knowledge it is serviced and ready to bolt in. We've priced this $100 under it's value just in case you have to modify a bracket or source some hardware. Well worth the project for the price IMHO.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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