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Which electric Impact wrench buzz gun?

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Im after an electric impact gun to buzz off the front sprocket nut, ive tried a long breaker bar and block of wood through the rear wheel etc... but the last 2 times Ive had the sprocket off Ive had to take it to my LBS and it takes them 2 secs with their cordless Snap on gun.

These seem reasonable

Any others I should consider?
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I got a 12 volt one that plugs on to the battery it cost me 20 quid and has been used countless times on the bike with no problems

I think most will do the job
Stu, any chance of a link? is it man enough for the sprocket nut which is torqued to 100nm?
Look at machine mart.
They have an electric corded one. 60 odd quid. 450nm.

ive got one. no prob getting front sprocket nut off etc. excellent.

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This is the one you want. It'll shift it like it's not there.

If you don't mind a couple of round trips to Horley (one to collect, one to return) you can borrow mine - I'm in Horley several nights a week. PM me if you want to borrow rather than buy.

Don't forget you'll need an impact socket as well. 32mm IIRC but I'd double-check that before buying. I have one you'd need anyway.
:) Thats very nice of you mate cheers. Ill PM you if I need it.
You're welcome :)
I use air impacts mostly, but I do have a big electric. It's a Craftsmen from Sears and it's worked fine for many years now.

But be careful, it is still best to use the 2X4 in the wheel, not just leave the trans in gear.

I always use a T-bar or a breaker-bar with a 1-inch square socket drive with a hard black impact-rated reducer to 1/2" square drive, a 1/2" extension, and a socket with 1/2" drive. About a foot away from the bike I stack concrete block to the height of the bottom of the nut, then put the socket on the nut and at the end of a long extension I rest the breaker bar on the concrete blocks. I put a 6 foot pipe on the breaker bar handle to pull down. And of course a 2X4 in the wheel and someone on the bike. This gives me much more leverage than needed and allows me to 'feel' it give.

Usually an impact gun will be OK but I once saw a guy break all 3 dogs off of a gear inside the trans trying to use a really big impact wrench to remove a sprocket from an engine that was not installed in a bike, with it in gear.
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Stu, any chance of a link? is it man enough for the sprocket nut which is torqued to 100nm?

Sorry I cant find the one I have

I think it was from somewhere stupid like argos and it rated up to 280nm

does the front sprocket nut with no bother at all

Plenty of power. Batteries available when they need to be replaced. Good parts and service network if needed. Warranty.
I agree with the "feel".The guys at the shop have done it many times with there power tools and have the feel for it.But for me I like the elbow grease method on my bike,and the nut still has to be torqued up properly. Just saying be carefull.
Cheers Matt
I use an air powered gun for this sort of thing, works really well. Although I didn't need it to undo my front sprocket nut when I stripped the bike for powdercoating - it was hand tight!! :dowhat

Also I'd still use a torque wrench afterwards, whatever you use, to double check.....

Impact wrench to undo, torque wrench to do it back up again. With the bike in neutral, you can sit on the bike, hold the rear brake on and get a torque wrench on the front nut easily enough.
Cheers gents, the last 2 times I 'tried' to remove it I had to take it to my LBS and they buzzed it off. This time however a friend lent me super long breaker bar and I un did it :) I will torque it back up (from memory its 100 somethings) Ive got the manual at home. Its currently sitting on front and rear paddock stands looking sorry for itself.
DeWalt DW059 18v 1/2" Drive

Had mine for about 5 years now, bloody good bit of kit, sprocket nuts, crank nuts, clutch nuts etc

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I bought a very cheap £12 one from Lidles? It has been used a few times in the past 5 years. Plugs into the 12v socket or has clips to go on the battery.

Cheaper then some extension bars I have bought over the years.....
Its currently sitting on front and rear paddock stands looking sorry for itself.
Front and rear paddock stands? Oooh hark at 'er. All lah-de-dah with TWO paddock stands. What's wrong with two piles of bricks and an old fork leg? :laugh

But yes. They do look kinda sad all trussed up like that.

Might invest in a gun while I'm at it. Since I've got the shock out I'd just as well give the swing arm bearings some TLC.


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