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Wheel finish

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I decided I didn't like my gold wheel colour . Rather than add another layer of paint (there has been a few ), I hit it with paint stripper .
I was expecting a big mess ,which is what I got . Surprisingly the alloy finish was not rough but a near polish finish . Add polish and its done .
Question is --- Has someone previously polished them or is this a standard Suzuki finish before paint is added .
Anyone removed the standard bronze colour ?
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they 've been polished

the original finish needs quite a bit of work
After getting all the paint off this is how the wheel looks .No polishing done , just what was (is ?) under the bronze Suzuki bronze paint .The center is like shark skin but the outer
is very smooth .My Bandit 1250 wheel was nearly as good . Ive got a feeling all tl wheels are like this under the paint .

I was going to paint the center silver but I don't think i'll bother and just leave it "as is ".
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I can also add ,the tl is way ahead of the bandit in quality .It seems Suzuki have not progressed in term of finish . Have a look at the welding on the exhaust of a Gsr (?) 750
Embarrassingly bad . I belive there is part you can now buy to hide it , get real Suzuki .
I clamped my bench buff to a post at the right height to rest the wheel on my thigh and the rim under the buff mop.

that way I did not have to hold the weight in my arms.

started with a stitched mop and rouge and moved on to flap with ali oxide.
If you stripped the area of the rim that ends up hidden by the tire, you're supposed to spray that or powder-coat it, as the cast metal can be somewhat porous. Otherwise you may end up having to add air a little more often. Or not. When I stripped and polished my BMW wheels I sprayed the inside with clear.
Nice looking puppy. Love the concept of shiny bright wheels but would be wasted on mine as the roads around here are so filthy most of the time the wheels would just get covered in muck an end up looking matt grey in short order. Like the red ... :wheelie

That's annoying
Oh man! ..... Tell me you ain't naked in that photo! :eek:rotfl:rotfl
I do like to work in my jocks ,its been 43 deg .and about 50 in the shed . Naked would have been good. lol
Considering I had no idea what I paid $1000 for I am well pleased (an understatement )
Wow, it's even really CLEAN!
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