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What year did the PAIR system appear on TL's?

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I have a '99 TLR (rego says 2000). It does not have the PAIR system in place, but does have bosses cast into the head:O
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Or is it just on bikes from the U.S. to offset the pollution generated by the Humvees and Landwhales:laugh

The reason I ask is it would've been nice to do this

It seems abit easier than what I did on the S.
I have a 97s and its a swiss import and that had PAIR valve fitted
I have a 99S-W model US imported bike that had the PAIRS system on it...
So much for Clean Green New Zealand:lol
AFAIK, here in the US, the '97 TLS did not have the PAIR system, but years '98 and onward have the PAIR - both S and R.
Yes, like Six5 said. My US '97 TLS did not. All others in US did.
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