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What race dash?

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I’m looking for a new dash to go on my Ducati/TLR project, I’ve done some research and found some I like and don’t like but wanted to know if anybody has any experience with any of these aftermarket dashes and what they thought of them?

The ones i have found are:

Translogic, I’m swaying towards this one but I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of any data logging this has.

Motogadget, not sure of the build quality but I do like the G meter.

HM, nice but this is pushing my budget at £666

Vapour and koso, don’t like the look of these at all.

If anybody knows of any more that are worth a look at please say.
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PM jappiemike

he is working on an arduino powered one :devious
PM jappiemike

he is working on an arduino powered one :devious

Can help on the Arduino end...

:devious ATRE + GPI + TB sync :devious
Please excuse my ignorance iv never heard of it, tell me more. :)
Back in 2010 I ran a AIM Mychron 3 Gold for a while. It had an RPM digital/graph, H20 temp, wheel speed, gear indicator, shift lights and lap timer. I ended up going back to stock as I like the plain old white faced tach on the track.


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Yosh boy, i do like the MXL but it a bit out of my price range.

At the mint its between the MyChron 3 and Translogic as they are about the same price, anyone have any thoughts on what they would go for?
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