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What is this bike?

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Saw this in a video, didn't know what it was. Looks like a modified TLS chassis but idk. Appears to be a tl engine. So what it be???

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I think you are correct it is a TLS modified with side panels and tail section. You should have post a link with the video. I say TLS.
Well it's not exactly like a TLS.

The chassis is not the same.
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Looks to me like an SV650 maybe K2. Difficult to tell from the pics. You got the link to the video?
Yes.I believe its an early sv650 too.
Quite possibly an SV650 as some countries have racing classes for them.
that is an early SV by the looks of it

the newer ones have boxy frame

they race them here in the mini twins

This is the video, its only in the video for a split second around 17:25 Its one of Canadian Racer, Marcel Ernie's many video's
Yep. Its an SV.
It just looked weird and I've never seen another trellis frame so similar to a TLS frame. Figured u guys would know for sure.
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