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Lighter chain: less mass to accelerate & declerate. Lighter sprockets: less rotational inertia to overcome to accelerate & decelerate, less unsprung weight, less gyroscopic effect. I run 530 on big sprockets because I'm lazy and I like a chain to be reliable and not need adjustment. But I love lighter wheels, and lighter chain and sprockets have similar effects. If I was after all-out performance I'd use 520. I'm not, so I like 530, and I figure a few ti bolts and supersprox tri-metal rear sprocket and lighter wheels still keep the weight down. If I could, I'd get even lighter wheels before I'd change to 520.
I bought Supersprox 42 few years ago for my carrozzerias,and oh boy was i suprised to realize that the steel DRIVEN sprocket 42 was actually lighter(530) althou i did run the Supersprox!
this year i got 520 chain and steel/alu sprockets as a christmas present but im still going to buy DRIVEN 520 42 rear sprocket as i want light,strong and durable kit and that all-out performance!
141 - 142 of 142 Posts