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what bolt size is the swingarm threaded for, for the stand spools?

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what bolt size is the swingarm threaded for, for the stand spools? 8mm? 10mm?
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I guess most Suzuki are 8mm and most Kawasaki are 10mm and Yamaha use 6mm?
My they go from 99 cents to $700...$500. Who the hell would pay that? Some of the ones with replaceable ends cost more for the ends than the whole thing. Maybe the nylon or delrin slide nicer than aluminum?
The TL ones are M8x1.25

Yamaha like you say are M6x1.00 and Kawasaki can be M10x1.25 or M12x1.25 but some of the more modern Kwaks use other sizes.
aluminium doesn't slide ( well it does sort of. )

nylon is more brittle and cheaper than delrin .

delrin is nice to machine and is slippier ? than nylon

its all academic really

( i was just having this conversation )

they are sacrificial..........

no matter what they are made from or what they look like they are toast when you drop the bike.

on an 8mm thread I would use delrin with a larger recess and a 12mm od washer behind the bolt

An ali slider may just dig in enough to either break the bolt or tear off the lug on the swingarm or bend the lug or a combo of all

Nylon is brittle so it may just fracture thru in a fall and get torn off

delrin is tougher so more likely to tough it out and slippier so its not going to dig in.
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Personally I like whatever's cheapest. I wish it was a larger bolt if I get something long enough to work as a slider and offer any protection.
I sure don't see the point of an expensive replaceable end cover...
I've a couple of white nylon pucks you can have for postage if you want to play greg.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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