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What a year...

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some of you may remember that on 4th of august 2012 I got married,happiest day of my life,I must tell you!
everything perfect,the wedding seremony and the honeymoon,greatest time ever!
when we got home from our honeymoon,I got bad news,my father was in hospital...
14th of september the doctor called my mother that we need to come to the hospital,my father didnt have much time left...
we didnt have a clue,we were under impression that he was having some hospital bacteria and it would be cured,well we soon found out that it was something completely different...
we stayed at the hospital from that friday noon,only in saturday we were told that dad has a wery agressive cancer,and it had spread everywhere...
we couldnt believe what we heard,but few hours later dad sais his last words to us:"dont worry,ill be fine!"
sunday evening he passed away...Saddest day off my life!
after that my life has been quite busy,taking care of my mom,doing everything in my power to make her living bit bearable after such great loss!
May 2013,my wife bought a house,my mother sold her house and bought nice apartment near town centre,so i had two big movings to do in a month,but i didnt care,as mother was feeling better and started to see people etc.
then 9th of september my life changed again,my wife gave birth to a beautiful girl,suddenly everything feels different again,my english isnt good enough to find words to describe them,but everyone who has kids shurely understands!
so its been ups and downs,real emotional rollercoaster!
so why im writing this here at the forum?
well i had to sell my Ducati 996 and the Donation bike to get some money,i hope you guys who donated parts dont feel bad,i really had no other choice,but i you feel cheated,send me a PM,and i try to make it up to you somehow!
im not shure if i can keep my 1080,but even if dont,i wont leave these forums,never,there is million bikeforums out there but these two are the best!
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Nice post Troy,glad to hear your mums getting on with living again its sad to see some people just wither and give up on life when there partner passes away.I hope you get to keep the 1080 but even if you dont as you say stick around there will be other bikes and with what you have done with the ones you have had your truely worthy of lifetime membership here.All the best.
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Sorry to hear about your bad times Timo, good news on arrival of baby though. Keep strong and hope you get to keep bike and keep on posting great pics of builds.
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Sad story, but don't forget looking at the bright side of life!
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This story really rings home for me. January 2010 my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. I watched as treatment slowly took him. My soon to be wife and I bought a house in February. He wasn't doing so well by the time we got married in the beginning of August. My dad made it through the wedding and til the end of September. He never got to know his granddaughter that was born just over a year later. Some of the best and worst times of my life.

I'm not trying to steal thunder, just sharing a similar life experience.
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