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... it was drizzling on the way there ... we signed up in a hurry & jumped into the 2 shortest lines. I got on a Yamaha MT-01 & a Buell XB12R before it started pissing with rain & we attempted to wait it out in the coffee room then gave up & came home :( I"m sure there'll be other test ride days though :)
No pics sorry - too wet for the camera :) no dolly birds this time ... there was one but she was hiding under a blanket in the coffee shop!

It was not much more than a muddle around a circuit in a carpark but it were better than nothing ;) the damn lines for the Ducati's & the MV Augusta were so long though :(

The MT-01 ... what a bloody dog. I think the throttle rotates about 720° to WOT & it feels like it's attatched to the throttle bodies by rubber bands. Buy one for the wife though if you want her to get into riding - they vibrate like a jackhammer all through the rev range! I'd have one if you gave it to me but I wouldn't spend money on one ...

The XB12R ... if someone held a gun to my head & said "Buy a harley or die" I wouldn't be unhappy about riding the Buell. They sound not bad & go pretty good. Good things : smooth, torque-y & nimble feeling for such a lump of lard. Good mirrors too when it's not idling ... Bad things : RadioShack switch gear - my god they must not have spent more than about $1.50 on that department - and dont let the wife on it when it's idling cos she'll never get off ... another womans sex toy. The TL is silky smooth at idle by comparison!

So an interesting er few minutes :laugh
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