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I'm on a mission reviving my TL1000R and changed out the 17 year old coils with some SV1000 coils.

I'm keeping track of the weight I am adding and subtracting from my bike. The difference in an SV1000 coil over a stock coil is .945 oz. If you only use one bolt to mount it like i did (with threadlocker) you save 1.105 oz per coil swap or 2.21 oz total.

I recently discovered that I have an aftermarket ram air from PO. I cannot locate the piece for sale on the internet, but I found a google image of one that looks just like mine, but mine are black. The link is broken. ram air.png I had already ordered stock ram air tubes in a buying frenzy and now realize I don't need them...but can weigh them now at least:thumbup. Stock tubes are 343g for RH. 312.5g for LH. The ram air "sealers" that mate with the frame are 128.0g a piece. The aftermarket ones are 1.05lbs together. This gives us a savings of .7lbs. ALSO, I do not have the plastics that cover the ram air tubes or the stock turn signals. If anyone has the weight of these two items I would appreciate it.

.83lbs total.

Anyone want to buy some stock ram air tubes and inserts? :devious

Hope this data can help someone in the future.
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