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WANTED--main wire harness/ wire loom/ plastics-- WANTED

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hello everyone,
I have had my 2002 TLR for about a year. It spent six months of that in the shop with no luck fixing my issue. TL starts and runs high RPMS, no code, hot on one side of exhaust, and it runs really rough for maybe 10 minutes and then dies. I have opened her up to the belly and noticed a lot of "jerry riggin". Obviously the guy before me was a little low on cash. I would like to get a new harness or a working used harness. The front harness is new so there is no problems there. let me know if you have something or know of a good place to get some of these items. I would like to get used items that are in good shape but the plastics dont need to be in perfect shape. I have the means to paint and carbon all my own stuff. HMU and let me know what you can do!

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