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want to sell and subscriptions

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given the change of management and the overall decline in the administration of the zone over the last 12 months

I propose that the rule requiring members to subscribe to place wanted or sell ads be abandoned.

there is a glut of newcomers posting such ads in any forum that pleases them and the moderators that were vigilant in the past have moved on to other endeavours.

the planet has much easier rules and whilst it is an incentive to subscribe the consequences of not having it monitored makes a mockery of the management and is an insult to those who have subscribed for the privelege of advertising.

what thinks yee?
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Shows how long since I've been on here - an unsubscribed wanted to buy/sell add never lasted much more than five minutes:O I wouldn't have dared - felt too much like taken the piss - In myyyy day....:lol

I got nothing to sell, and am waiting until my mortgage is paid in full before I buy buy buy, but you are right, seems like mockery when it's not enforced.
I don't come here as often as I used to, as it seems to have stagnated. There isn't much going on these days, not even a lot of spam. I will go ask the other fella's and see what they want to do. No promises, but I will get it discussed.
howdy stranger :cheers
any comment by the normally vocal minority :laugh
my head says yes but my heart says no.................

so................ baaaaa! :stupid
My view is if they want to buy something and I have one or they want to sell something that I want then I remove it, otherwise I leave it on :lol

In all seriousness although I didn't totally agree with it, my take was it prevented newbies joining the forum just to flog their parts and a deterrent to those who refused to pay a small fee to advertise their parts, as they are the kind of people most likely to rip somebody off.

You sell one item on ebay, add up the listing fee and 10% sale fee and you'll find you've payed more than the subscription.

If I see a WTB or WTS thread by a long standing member then I'll tend to leave it alone, whether that's right or wrong you decide :laugh

The same as Doug, I don't visit as often as I used to but that's probably down to having less spare time at work than I used to, but I'm still here clicking the new post button at least every couple of days.
I guess after thinking some more its also the tidiness that is impacted.

newcomers cant post in sell or buy and post wherever they can.

if this restriction was lifted then the forum would be far more orderly

( and NO I am NOT OCD )

cee I can misspeel things t pruv it 2
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