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WA ride, anyone interested?

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Fellow WA TLR/TLS riders,

Anyone interested in meeting up and going for a bit of a casual ride. Maybe a Friday evening or Saturday arvo in the near future. Be good to meet you all and share info etc on your bikes and maybe make it a regular outing.

reply if interested and your location so i can gauge numbers and best starting point.

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So no takers...Oh well i tried..
Ride sounds good, lets get a date/destination sorted as I mostly do Day rides not short rides but a casual ride from freo-northbridge or even a get together just to gauge interest.:thumbup
I was trying to gauge interest and then get a date and destination but due to the overwhelming lack of response didnt go any further. Mate if your keen i will put the offer out again to other TL riders and will organise a ride in the very near future. I work shifts so will have a look at the roster and post something in next couple days.

Cheers for the interest
Keen boys :)
I work away though so timing can be a little hard....and I have a crap roster
keep things updated and I'll see how we go....

By the way, I tried for years to get people to meet up for a ride and had zero to small don't get disheartened

dr funk

nominate a sunday.

the rest can make the time..........

we'd be there but we LIVE away :lol
Did this go anywhere?

As Ring-in has suggested, lets nominate a Sunday and get it on. I'm home every second sunday. Early morning ride would be great.
I'm North of the river, so my preferred route would be Northbridge to Freo and back up the coast to Scarborough and then further up the coast home.
Next Sunday. 30/3/2014. Above route sounds good. Who is in?

1. Hobes30.
Count me in....
How about meet at Dome Northbridge about 0730-0800?
if that's to early suggest another time.... :)

1. Hobes30.
2. drfunk
Count me in....
How about meet at Dome Northbridge about 0830

1. Hobes30.
2. drfunk.
3. ?

Greendog...not interested anymore?
Unfortunately I'm out....2 weeks time if possible....
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