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VooDoo Moto adjustable billet rearset deal for OZ or NZ buyer

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We inadvertently shipped a set of black VooDoo Moto fully adjustable rearsets to OZ for a customer who requested gold. So, we shipped a set of gold and the black set are still in OZ. We'd be willing to make a smoking deal to someone in Australia or New Zealand on this set given that if we shipped them back to the States, we'd be out more $$ than if we discounted them Down Under.

Fully adjustable, 7076-T6 billet aluminum complete rearsets with heel guards. They come standard with stainless steel hardware, dual bearing lever pivots, and stainless heim joints for the adjustment rods. These sets fit all years of the TLR and TLS.

Retail on these is $395 USD but we'll take $100 USD off that, just add shipping.

As I said, the rearsets are already in shipping would be quick and cheap for someone either in OZ or NZ.

PM for more info....

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still available.....


Dammit wrong time of year. Again. Speedking your killing me lately.
I'm sure sean can come to some sort of low interest time payment scheme :devious :lol

wots the going rate 37.3%, a share in your superannuation ,with the broken kneecap guarantee clause :rotfl
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