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Could someone please tell me the width of the pegs on an Ventura rack .I have a number of touring racks and am hoping i'll get lucky
and one will fit an S MODEL if I buy the L brackets .Thanks.
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Too much of a technical question ????
I think I have one here somewhere . give us a day to look
I have a Vetura Short Rack for the interchangeable system in the garage.

But I don't understand the question. Do you want to know the spacing between the centers of the inserts that mate into the rail tubes?
Hiya Gus-
The mounting pins on the rack on my TLR are 214 apart.
Assuming they use the same rack section on the S
I'll check mine tonight I have one on both the R and the S :)
I used the same Ventura racks on many bikes.
214 ----is that an o\d size or centre to centre of the holes .


Or above size ? (I\D)
centre to centre
214mm , that sounds extremely narrow .Right is it ?????????
Sorry mate 314
Must have written that without my old man glasses
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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