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Well I think in a nutshell (In my eyes anyway) what all that data is trying to say is this...

All bikes are prone to be stolen by little shits looking for a quick thrill, a decent lock + alarm combo is enough to prevent this.

Powerful (i.e. bigger bikes) are far less likely to be pinched by professionals unless it's a model in demand.

These are either stolen to order or for parts.

So basically for us TLS/TLR owners as our bike is seen by many in the biking world as fairly pants compaired to what else is on offer (allthough by owning them we know different!) it means that ours are less likely to be stolen...

It's highly unlikely one will be stolen to order, more likely to be stolen if it's just blatently left about without any protection, and pretty much unlikely to be stolen for parts as...
1. TL parts not too expensive and
2. not many people own them!
3. The ones who do prolly ain't too hard up for cash that they would resort to buying stolen parts for it

So due to all that our bikes comes into a "medium" but only just...what that tells us is to use some common sense, get it alarmed and well locked up somewhere safe!
(In a garage with good natural survlance + Chain/Lock + Alarm and your sorted)

If you were to own something like say a more pouplar big bike like a gsxr1000k5 then you need to keep seriously well locked up and for total piece of mind fit a tracker as they are in demand whole or for parts so criminals will go at much further lengths to get one of these or other bikes like it.

Likewise if you have a smaller bike, bcos there is so many about they are more likely to be stolen purely cos they are easy to sell on whole to unsuspecting youngsters or in parts again to youngsters who are strapped for cash.

OK alot of that might seem like common sense, but thought peeps might want a look at that data just to get a feel about what crime is like in their area, and what sort of bikes are most likely to go walkies...Safe to say that a Pro isn't going to take life threatening measures to get our TL's...but doesn't mean we should leave it wide open for them or joyriders to pick off without serious effort.

I didn't look all this up on a wim, lucky for me where I live at the moment is fairly dosile, but I also stay in other areas of the country that ain't so good so I like to keep on top of things like this.

There is apparently a bike gang going around in the south as we speak in an unmarked van steeling bikes, I don't know the details of any of the bikes nicked, but apparently the police are aware...I'm not too concerned about where I am as I'm very security concious and I'm spitting distance from the Police area HQ, but others should be aware if they are not already, I'll try to find out more info and post in a seperate topic!
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