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hello chaps, im just about to buy some new tyres, the bike was fitted with michelin pilot sports when i got it and were well used, so never new what they were like at there best. any suggestions for new boots ,i dont ride in the tlr in the wet so dry use only. cheers ian
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I use pilot road 3's myself; I'm on my second set. I only ride on the road though.
+ several votes on the road pilots both 2 and 3
Had them on the Tl and the busa.

happy with wear, Grip and in general. possibly not the greatest for a 10/10ths scratcher but suit me no end.

Tom R
Pilot Road II's give amazing longevity and outstanding wet and dry grip and fast warm-up. These are my winter tire now. Dunlop Sportsmart Sportmax for summer scratching, and the odd trackday. Steering is quick, but still stable, they grip better than a Scotsman to his wallet, and last well considering what they do.

I've gone right off Mich. Pilot Power II's - slow steering, don't last as long as the 'Road II's and have similar grip levels.

I also always go for the 55 profile.

That is my 2cents, FWIW:laugh
TBH any of the current stuff from Michelin, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Pirelli et al will be up to most people's riding. I'm currently liking my Metzeler Sportec M5s a lot.
Very grippy.In fact the only tyre I think I haven't liked in the last decade or so was Avon Venoms. May just have been cos I used 'em in a British winter and they suck when they are cold but as ever ymmv.
Ask 10 riders for advice on tyres, and you'll probably get 10 different answers:lol

Having said that, over the years I've used Metzler, Micheline, Conti's, Pirrelli's, and now Dunlops on different bikes. I started using Road II's about 6 years ago, used 2 sets, then tried a number of different tyres for winter (I probably ride nearly as much in the winter as summer). I have gone back to the Road II's because they seem to tick all the boxes.

Unless you ride to track days, they are all the tire you'll ever need on the road. Truth be told, the Dunlops are probably far better than me on the track, and the Roads'd be fine there too. But there is a lot to be said for the psycological advantage sticky tyres give:devious
I'm running Dunlop Sportmax on my TLS. Front one was worn in when I bought the bike, its an odd shape towards each edge, like a sharper angle to the rest. Went out the other day and tried to hit the last 10mm or so of the front, and it went into a wobble which left a strange impression in my jeans :laugh
I want tyres to inspire confidence. Are these a good choice ? or are there better ones for the road ?. I used to run MEZ3"s on my old 93 blade, which I could ride like a hooligan with.
If you want the best/aggressive sport bike tire mount a set of Power3s, want a great handling all around longer lasting set, try the Roads. I have Road4s this year and love them on my C14, the lighter sport bikes in my stable get the Power3s, until Michelin comes out with a better one. If that can be possible. 55 aspect ratio for me. Ask ten guys for their tire choice and 6 different answers. Most will like Michelins?
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