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Turn Key, absolutely with fuses locations

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I had power, stored the bike. New battery, all charged up. Turn key, dash lights come on.....turned it off. Back on again and NOTHING. Nada... no lights, no fuel pump, nothing at all.

Both mains look okay. I know there are a number of other potential culprits. Anyone have a list of what and where those other fuses are? I know about the ones under the dash in the box.


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If you check the main fuse all ready, Try a spare on to confirm, but I would think that your problem is elsewhere start with the main switch itself to make sure is working properly.
Assuming you have a TLR:

Your other fuses are right around here:

The picture shows the flasher/relay combo, but the fuses are right in front of it.

Possible culprits:
Kill switch
Battery terminals loose
main relay fuse
Main relay connector
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Oh poo.... 1997 TL 1000s

So sorry, it's a 1997 TL1000s
the fuses on an S are behind the headlight and beside the battery.

check the battery is OK.

charge it and load test it.

follow the positive battery lead to the starter relay.

check the fuse here and the connector plug.

check the connectors on the right had side of the radiator inside the fairing.

then check the fuses behind the headlight.

do it in that order

never assume even a new battery is good.

they can fail if they have an internal fault
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with the bike in neutral bridge the 2 terminals of the starter relay with a large screwdiver momentarily.

if the starter turns then the battery is fine.
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