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TrackXperience is coming back to the big track at Willow Springs International
Raceway! We are happy to have you join us on June 8th. The price is $150.
It’s going to be a great time!

ORIENTATION CLASS: With our comprehensive track orientation class,
TrackXperience should be the first choice for anyone looking to improve
their skills and take their riding to the next level. Our orientation class
is free of charge and available to all.

OPEN LAPPING: For experienced riders, we offer
abundant track time minus the crowds. Our staff of professional
instructors are available throughout the day for one-on-one personal
coaching, and they monitor all groups for safe and courteous riding.

FORMAT: 3 groups, 20 minute sessions.
  • Level 1 open lapping is for riders desiring a slower pace, or
    riders with little or no track experience. The orientation class
    riders are included this group.
  • Level 2 open lapping is for our intermediate riders, who have
    spent time at the racetrack and are more comfortable with higher
    speeds. Passing is allowed inside and out, with a 6 foot buffer.
  • Level 3 open lapping is for advanced track riders. Closer
    passing is allowed, but it must be courteous.

TRACSTAR CHALLENGE: Tracstar is a skills-based rider certification and
awards program which focuses on developing both physical and
mental bike control skills and safety habits. Tracstar is free and optional for any rider.

AMENITIES: Chilled bottled water and Gatorade. Vendor services at this
event include trackside tire service by Cycle Mall Racing Division, photography
by Caliphotography and suspension tuning by Catalyst Reaction. We also have standby
EMS and a full corner staff for your safety.

TrackXperience season passes and Multi packs are still available……save big bucks

Please check out our brand new website for more information!

See you at the track!

Jim Hoskins & James Morse

(925) 788-0082 ____email:
[email protected]
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