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found this info on the Socal sportbike forum:

Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience is coming to Spring Mountain/Pahrump October 21-22 for one day School/Tracstar & Open Lapping (Saturday), and one day of open lapping only (No school or Tracstar) (Sunday)

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: No reckless riders or unbridled egos here. No elbow scraping passes. No chili dogs either for that matter. What we provide is low key fun, association with professional people and courteous riders, yet still experiencing your bike's raw screaming potential in a well controlled environment. Are we for everyone? Of course not. We're not a race practice, nor are we an ego-fest open event. And our clientele expects no less. We welcome you to come out and experience the difference for yourself.

RIDING SCHOOL: The comprehensive school rivals the large national schools (including training on our XR100 fleet on specially designed courses not found at schools costing DOUBLE our ticket price!). Our school is well suited for novice to intermediate riders who are looking to build their skills, from learning the physics of precision bike control to the mental approach to smooth riding.

OPEN LAPPING: For mature experienced track riders, we offer open lapping with abundant track time yet we avoid overcrowding the track and we keep unsafe and discourteous riders out of our events. You bring out a nice bike, we expect you to be able to take it home shiny too. Our staff of professional instructors are available throughout the day for one-on-one personal coaching, and they monitor this group for safe and courteous riding. Open lapping in level 1 is for riders desiring a slower pace, or riders who just finished the school the previous day on a two-day event. Level 2 open lapping is for a typical mid-intermediate to advanced track rider. Licensed racers are allowed at our events, but must bear in mind the nature and approach of our events, and NO RACE PASSES will be allowed.

TRACSTAR CHALLENGE: Tracstar is a skills-based rider certification and awards program which focuses on developing both physical and mental bike control skills and safety habits. It is inspired by proven sports training programs that have worked well for decades around the globe. Tracstar is free and optional for any rider.

FORMAT: 2 customized groups. Long sessions, no overcrowding. We structure our groups so that each rider has an average 330' of linear space to themselves. Not only do you receive more miles via more seat time, but a BETTER experience. Need we say more?

AMENITIES: We provide a full catered hot buffet breakfast with Starbucks coffee, and a full catered buffet lunch. We also deliver chilled bottled water and Gatorade delivered to each pit during the day. Chair massage therapy is also complimentary.

Optional services at this event include tire service, suspension tuning, photography by, and videography by Tom Davlantis! We have standby EMS and of course a full corner staff for your safety.

PRICE: The ticket price is $195 per rider and includes all meals and beverage service, and the complimentary massage therapy. You get what you pay for...and our riders expect a better experience with more track time and better amenities.

* Motorcycle industry employees, licensed racers, and woman riders are eligible for additional sponsorship savings. (Industry/Racer discount tickets do not include catered meals)

More information on the TrackXperience riding school, open lapping, and the Tracstar™ Challenge Program can be found online at or by calling (800) 930-8520.

Media inquiries or registration questions may be directed to Todd Robinson at [email protected] or at extension 81. Questions about the value and service you'll receive from TrackXperience may be directed to Jim Hoskins at extension 84 ([email protected]) or Tom Davlantis at extension 83 ([email protected]). Online secure registration is available, or riders may register by phone at the number above.

Best Regards,

Todd "El Jefe" Robinson
Founder/ School Director

Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience
Schools. Track Days. Best of both worlds.
[email protected]
(800) 930-8520

Michelin * Sidi * Spidi * Galfer * Vortex * Elka Suspension
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