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Tps question

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I have noticed when I blip the throttle at low rpm that what I am assuming is the throttle body will backfire.
I checked my tps on idle it is sitting on the middle bar but with the fast idle it won't go to top bar till around 1600rpm.
Could this be enough to cause the backfire? It doesn't happen all the time and it doesn't do it any other time othr then just quickly opening and closing the throttle .
Tb's were synced 100km ago but have had this happening before thq.
Any help appreciated
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its not likely.

backfiring is usually leaks in the exhaust joints

the dash updates about once a second so its hard to know exactly when the bar moves.
mine does the same thing only when blip'd and not every time just randomly.
Ring-in, I think maybe he means real backfire; thru the TB not the exhaust.

First, what year and what model?
Doesn't sound like there's a exhaust leak .. just normal engine ruckus going on , well hope normal lol
I tried to get it to do it this arvo bike was a bit on the colder side it just shut of instead it shut off the other day too when cold and I blip'd the throttle almost like it didn't get enough fuel or flooded itself but fired right back up was thinking this might have something to do with the backfire or maybe something diff all together? Ans yeh the backfire is really random will do it 1 time out of plenty.
Its a 2002 tl1000r.
And btw bike has 35k on it last valve check was at around 20k
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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