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1 Guns and Roses - You could be mine
2 Foo Fighters - All my Life
3 Bono + Clannad - In a Lifetime
4 Beetles Twist and Shout
5 George Michael - One More Try
6 Raidohead Paranoid Andriod
7 Genesis Domino
8 Andrea Bocelli - Ave Maria
9 System of a Down - Chop Suey
10 Staind - Outside

as voted for by yours truly, what you got:O

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1. Bathurst
2. Phillip Island
3. Brands Hatch
4. Road America
5. Le Mans
6. Assen
7. Monza
8. The old Nurburgring
9. San Marino
10. Suzuka

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Top ten is hard to decide since music interacts with mood and circumstance, so in no particular order, ten tracks that I dig every time:

So What, Miles Davis
All Blues, Kenny Burrell
Leyte, Cal Tjader
Montara, Bobby Hutcherson
Night Train, Oscar Peterson
Blue 7, Sonny Rollins
Calcutta Cutie, Horace Silver
Moanin', Art Blakey
Again, Never, Donald Harrison
Dear Lord, John Coltrane

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Budd's Creek, Any natural grass track, Carlsbad....oh wait, wrong type of track:rolleyes

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that's what I was prepared for :laugh

I would prefere top ten band/artist to have to pick a certain single.
Hard to decide which of the Depeche songs are best, or which of all the outstanding Sisters of Mercy songs are better than the rest....

Hmm I think it woundt be to hard to fill that top ten with only Scandinavian Metal songs. (or bands...)

Like, Dimmu Borgir, 69 eyes, In Flames, Hammerfall, Soilwork, etc etc,

(no, Lordi doesn't make top 10... -_- )
Im sure Jarkko can fill in :)

Top 10 band, fun,
Top 10 tracks, booring, shift from hour to hour... :lol
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