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TLS Wiring Fault....Please help

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My TLS (2000) has got an aftermarket headlamp unit and Koso clocks.

I have noticed if i push or pull some of the cables behind the headlamp unit (gently) the Koso lights up and springs into action with the ignition key off.. Then when the ignition is ON, touching the wires again turns the Koso and the engine off, but lights, indicators, starter motor and ECU have power (not the fuel pump at least it seems). I have looked at the cables, but can't find any loose connections. :banghead

Any ideas which cable is at fault ??
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Found It.

It was a corroded female connection on the white multi plug (red/white cable to Brown) had to cut it both sides of the plug/socket and hard wire it with solder/heatshrink. Done the job :yes
:thumbup As you likely noticed, the Red/White wire goes directly to the battery, so it is powered all the time - even when the key is off.

The Red/White wire is normally a dedicated line for the fuel pump, injectors, and instruments.
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