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TLS stock header pipes mount 2 places to frame below swing arm.

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Pics in manual suck.

Below the swingarm there's two rubber mounts in the frame for the back of the TLS exhaust headers. There's a metal sleeve insert with an integral washer (or you can think of it as a large flange) which goes into the rubber mount.

On the right side there's a captured nut attached to the exhaust, so it looks like the black exhaust pipe flange goes to the left of the frame rubber mount. So the long bolt with washer must go in from the right. Which way does the sleeve insert go in, with its washer/flange left or right? In from the left I assume, between the exhaust w/nut and the rubber, since the bolt washer is on the other (right) side?

On the left side the bolt is on a metal bracket that can go on either side of the exhaust pipe...

I guess if I can't find what I need in the service manual I should look in fiche and hope it shows the correct sequence of parts.
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I wish I'd known there was a seal between the left and right halves of the stock head pipes...I would have bought a new one before I started.
Fiche shows the bolts always insert from the outside and the inserts go into the rubber from the "inside" of the on the left side the insert goes in from the right and the bolt goes in from the left. Now I guess I could bolt the left & right pipes together and see whether it fits left or right of the frame rubber cushion...

Sorry to bother you guys, I'm just trying to button some things up before dark, as I'm working outside in the driveway.
Nevermind, it only fits one way, not the way the fiche shows it. I guess the detail doesn't matter when it only fits one way, it's already close toe the engine underneath that way...if I tried to put the rear exhaust mount on the other side of the frame rubber mount the engine is in the way.
Nice, btw the gasket in the joint is the same as the one where the headers actually bolt to the head.
When I fitted the full system to the missus's tls I bought all the gaskets then found out that the only ones I needed where the ones to the heads. :banghead
Oh well at least I have some spares for mine. :rolleyes
Ditto :) l east you found it now. had a right game with mine, but that was because the rear exhaust was not quite all the way in, if that make's sense, still ended up jacking it into place with a bit 2by 4 :)then holding it with my knee in position while i got the bolt's in. seems okay now :)
cyclecamper, make room in your inbox please.
Done. Thanks for letting me know.
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