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TLS seat cover on Ebay.

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I'm not associated with the seller. There was a carbon fiber seat cover with TL lettering on it but I snagged it. :devious
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Can you link to the one you bought... I want to see exactly which one it was.
This is the one I bought.
Rob: That's not the one I thought it was... I actually wanted the one with the big TL in white like the link you provided here... so I just bought it!

I think the material is the same. "Carbon fiber look" he calls it. Either way, I'm happy, and THANKS for the link.
Your welcome! :thumbup
Mine came in today too. It has a gold reflective TL logo. I already talk to a buddy that said he can make a blue TL logo just like it and sew it in place of the gold one. Hell he said he will even mount up the seat cover for me. I'll have to get it down to his shop later this week. He has a muscle car shop. :devious
I got a note asking for photos too.
I thought about sending them a pic of me tea bagging the seat cover. :laugh
That is a nice looking seat. :thumbup
Screw the seat... I want one of those humps. I like my OEM one... but DAMN I always double take at those.
I was thinking the same thing. Great minds think a like! :coocoo :laugh
1 - 8 of 28 Posts
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