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TLS 'modified' Corbin seat

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I have a Corbin seat available for sale that came on a used bike I purchased. I put 'modified' in the title because it looks and feels like it has been shaved. I could have been made the way it is, I suppose, but it isn't consistent with the Corbin products I have seen in the past. It does have Corbin badging.

The seat, with box and packaging weighs 9 pounds and measures 17"x24"x8" - I figured I'd give the weight and measures to help prospective buyers price out the shipping (it may or may not help, but what the hell).

US$25 + shipping

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How is this still for sale? $25 ffs if it was UK I'd have it. shipping would be ridiculous to here.

Dibs. PM sent.
I PM'd first.

This is some king of screw-up with daylight savings time. Check the time last night when you got the email notice that you had a PM. I sent my PM first, 12 hours ago, though it shows "today 12:46 AM" which has not occurred yet. My PM was actually during the extra hour between yesterday and today.

I was 11 hours before AngryWasp
Oh, 12:46 AM today is just after midnight...makes sense, I was just confused, I thought I PM'd while it was still yesterday. So I was about 9 hours before him...?

My brother is in Sacramento, I think he still works at Aerojet/Rocketdyne. Maybe you could connect and you wouldn't even have to ship?
I just have to say I hate you cyclecamper. :bash
PMs sent to both of you.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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