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TLS Genuine Heli Bars for sale

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These are the genuine article

$260au posted in OZ

$275au posted international.

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Whats the benefits of these things mate,hear a lot of them but not sure of the details...
hands up about 1 1/2 inch and back as well

As much up and back as you can without changing the bike

heaps easier to ride , not leaning as far forward

and easier to look over your shoulder if you're getting stiff and old like me :laugh
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no need to change cables or hoses.
I put them on my TLS some 10 years ago or so. Would never go back to OEM.
Well shoot, twas a time these wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes.

Another bump.
i would snag them up...but funds wont allow it at this point in time
I've done probably >40k miles on a set of these, really like them. Make the bike a little more comfy but also make it turn quicker b/c they give you better leverage. :deal
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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