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TLS Ged ridouts

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Hi, i decided to create a thread of all my rideouts and trackdays footage of these year to have it in one place :) hope you will enjoy viewing it as much as i do :cheers

These photos are form fridays rideout. it was only my 3rd ride this year and it was great! and today i am having a trackday :doug hopefully there is going to be some photographers to show you some action :O

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friends helmet cam. last race of season.
Oh man that little off road trip seemed to go on forever. I was willing you to stay upright.
Says a lot about a guy, when they can get up and laugh with the chap that caused them to drop their bike. Top marks for a cool head!

That track looked very bumpy, did I see you adjust the steering damper?
I'm at a Track day next month, and have no damper. It's Brands Hatch a very smooth track so I should be okay yes???
yeah our local track is really bumpy you are absolutely right mate. and quite poorly maintained. I think i would be able to stay upright but the gravel trap had very deep tracks from previous drift and race events and nobody bothers smoothing them up. so i hit couple of those tracks and the bike automatically steered more to the left in to the grass.. and oh boy you should see how deep holes were in there. :banghead too bad i chose to go to gravel trap instead of kept steering to the right.
anyway, i can't tell you if you are going to be okay without a steering damper on the Brands Hatch but i can tell you that i am backing off the damper almost completely in other tracks which are a lot smoother compared to this one. ;)
i know you Brits have suspension experts on tracks most of the time and they can set up your suspension for couple quids. If you arn't good in setting up the suspension i suggest using their service. My brother took his gsxr750 k9 last year to set up his suspension and after that his response was like: ''it was the best 20quids i have ever spent on my bike''.
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That's a great idea, the thought that someone may be on site never crossed my mind. I'll try and hunt someone down on the day ;)

Keep up the good work!!!
Nice movies!! ged, are you using a Drift HD Camera? What Mount do you have in the bracket frame?
I am using drift hd ghost camcorder and that bracket on the bracket frame is a bicycle bar mount that i kept from my older drift hd camera
sweet s,really like the belly pan ;-)
Great video nice work on track ....
Its been awhile last time i posted, but here its is now what i gathered this season. Finally got my chance to go to other tracks abroad like Poznan Track in Poland, Brno in Czech Republic and SloavakiaRing.
Took my two motorcycles and off we went with my girlfriend:

Battle against 750gsxr for 2nd place in home track NemunoZiedas:

Poznan trackday before trip to Brno and SlovakiaRing:

Dragging elbow!

undestructible TLS:

Driving away:

my frame sliders and exhaust sliders did their job quite well i would say.

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And i am not letting my other bike to rust in garage. Took it to race last weekend:

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Local championship ''Vrooam Oil Trophy 2015'' round 4 race @ Latvia Bikernieki track:

You have been having some fun Ged :)
I agree with you the TLS is a Tough bike.
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You have been having some fun Ged :)
interesting thing is that i quite lost the interest in driving on the streets :O
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