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TLS dies when hi beams on

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Riding the S to work this morning and had the headlights off (low beams are blown) and switched the hi beams on. Bike instantly dies. No dash, no fuel pump prime, and no headlights. Put headlight switch back in low and still nothing. Cycled ignition, kill switch, and wiggled block connectors. Checked starter relay fuse and it's good. Checked the fuse block and they're all good (PO had a 10 amp in the hi beams) even if the hi beams one was a little melted. Swapped in a 15 amp and still nothing. Any ideas?
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If the main fuse did not blow, and yet you have no power to lights or anything else, take a look at the starter relay connector.

If the side stand switch/relay were acting up, there should still be lights.

I've learned the tough way that just because a fuse looks good doesn't necessarily mean it is good. Probe fuse connectors to make sure you have power there. Then maybe unplug the yellow light switch connector and try and get dash and power back. Like Six5 said, the side stand switch can cause it to die instantly but you will still get power. Mine has been defeated on my S because it wouldn't latch closed when I put up my kick. That is what we call in the south "rednecking"... :laugh
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Came across some blade fuses which have an LED light incorporated to alert you to a failed fuse.

Will convert my fuses to these.
.... Came across some blade fuses which have an LED light incorporated to alert you to a failed fuse .....
Those is pretty clever .... want some of that :thumbup
Ok I finally got a break from work and fixing my suburban and got to take a look at the S. Pulled all the plastics off and looked for any obvious burns or damaged wiring. Didn't find anything but did find that the ignition switch connection was soaked in oil from the air box. Cleaned it, reconnected it, and she lives once more. Unfortunantly I got the cleaner on my fairing and it effed up my paint. Now to see how to mod the breather to fix the oil issue since I've got the R breather already on it.
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