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TLS Bitubo , hayabusa fork conversion complete , chin spoiler , parts

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OEM SV1000 chin spoiler and mounting Hardware , flat black paint direct bolt on... $135 shipped (US)

2008 hayabusa forks 3k on em

radial brakes master ,lines
wheel spacers (sams), caliber shims ,bolts brake pads
gsxr 2010 fender , black ..

use your triple 2 hours of your life and you have a new front end , ive put less then 200 miles since i put it on

$600 for all forks brakes shims fender , shipped inside US
$700 with Heli bars ,,
$1300 with front,and rear wheel recent(less than a year) powder coat black, hub 2+ sprocket and heavy duty cush dampers new seals and bearings (shipped US)

TLS bitubo 2k on it (easy miles ) $550 shipped (US)

Yosh RS3 shorty exhaust $120 shipped (us)

Braided red brakes lines $55 shipped (us)

OEM forks $80 shipped (us)

clip ons Both Shipped $55 (us)

Axle $15 shipped(us)

oem brakes with newish pads master and braided lines $80 shipped (us)

wheels have Pilot Road 2's with less than 2k on em still look almost new $400 plus shipping for both with tires wheels and sprocket and cush dampers ,
Heli Bars $100 shipped (us)

Main harness $80 shipped (US)

TLR gauge cluster (unknown miles ) $80 shipped (US)

will have the rest of the bike for sale shortly complete part out .....running motor clean frame and title

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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