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TLR1000 workshop manual document

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Hello gents, so I've managed to remove the password on the manual and I've changed it so you can now search it as well as copy parts out, on a mac anyway. Is there anyone who wants a copy and is there somebody who can put it up as an alternative on the main forum?
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I can host it for you mike.

we can create a sticky thread with a link.

the forum has changed hands so access to the core of the bulleting board is a little more remote than it used to be.
BTW if anyone has some tech stuff they want to have hosted on the net let me know and I'll set up some space
I can throw it up on my server with the others too if need be.
Good job Mike.

Thanks Stu and Mike, I now have it up here too ...
No problems, if you have any other manuals that need "fixing" either send them to me or send me a link to where they are on "the cloud" and I'll see what I can do. THe main problem with the manual was that it was scanned and so I needed to send it through an OCR program to extract the text, most programs loose the formatting or the images but mine seems to reproduce the pages accurately so it was a 15 minute job.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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