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TLR Suspension bearings....

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Hi all, I need to replace 2 of the 3 needle roller bearings for the suspension linkage arm thingy:) ( the larger bearing of the two types fitted) From suzuki i'm looking at £30 each :dowhat Does anyone have a aftermarket source, can't seem to find anywhere online apart from bearing websites and they have a million different types of needle bearings.

Any help on this greatly appreciated

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Try calling Chris at Franco's. 02089601000. He should be able to tell if there are any pattern parts about. May not be something there's much of a market for. If not he's usually pretty good on pricing anyway.

Give these guys a call , if you can get any measurements or numbers of the bearings for a reference for them they should be able to help, iv had bearings for plant machinery, trucks , bikes and so on and they've always had them in Stock :thumbup
cheers guys I'll give your suggestions a bell in the morning. Fingers crossed they can save me some wonga

any decent bearing supplier will sort you out :thumbup
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Phoned a couple of local bearing suppliers and got the same answer - "not a chance, it'll have to be oem mate" on the off chance had one last look on ebay before ordering from robinsons and found someone selling the whole linkage complete with bearing,oem brand new, for £50. Bit of a bargain I reckoned seeing as it's £265 from Suzuki so I've bought it lol

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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