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TLR Renntec Grab Rail

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TLR Renntec Grab Rail
£20 + Postage

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I'm sorry, but what is that for?
It's for your passengers to hold onto or an extra few loops for fastening luggage on :thumbup
I paid a fair bit more then that for mine. These things great for pillions and are almost impossible to find outside the UK. Free bump.
I am very interested (well, the girlfriend is), but have a feeling it would be quite a bit for shipping. How much do you figure it would be to get it to 98513?
Dibs if bczuki doesnt take it Sam. Can you pm me total shipped to melbourne 3139 australia.
I actually have 2 for sale :)

Postage to the US is £15 cheapest with no tracking and jumps to £24 with tracking

Postage to Oz is the same :thumbup

11pm here and just off to bed, so might go quiet for a few hours :devious
PM Sent :thumbup
Dibs on grab rail if still avail.
PM sent.
Both now sold :)
Damn PM to late :banghead
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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