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TLR rear sets!

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well its that time of the year again in the UK when the TL heads into the garage for the winter modding.

this year am looking at rear sets, been to see my local CNC shop and there going to make me a set out of billet alloy but could do with some design ideas so if any of you guy could post a pics of your rear set so i could start drawing.
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Wouldn't it be easier and less costly to get in on a group buy for a set of rearsets? :confused
Allllrightythen. Let's see what your creative genius comes up with. :)

BTW, Welcome to the Zone. :thumbup

Genius I would not go that far. Lol
Welcome... :bigfinger Speedking may beable to offer you better price and color options :thumbup
I've drawn some up on AutoCAD and having them waterjet cut, roughly half the price of group buy prices. Plus the only rear set I could find that wasn't too offensive looking is ridiculously expensive.

Of course the will be some detail milling to be done but I'll do that myself for free, and is also not all that necessary.
Juzz any chance of having a copy of the cad file??
Sure, I'll be back at work next week and can send from there. What file format would you like it in?
Am using auto cad 2014. So any should be good.
Thanks a lot saves me having to strip mine off for measuring.
Yeh had mine off anyways and we have a part scanner which is really good for this, Corel gave me all the measurements of the centres. Then just sketched it in AutoCAD and filleted the corners. Might do a top triple clamp aswell
Cool work does come in handy. lol. PM for email address. And thanks again.
Nice mod m8!
Can i have that cad file? Will make myself one as well.
PM sent with my mail.
Sorry for delay, have sent .dwg format in email.

here's a preview of the basic design,

I've done more detail by hand as the are recesses at the back and face milling to be done once the plate has been water cut.

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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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