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hey all,

am still in the process of getting my tlr just right...but need to ask some more questions!

1) looking to upgrade my forks on my 01 tlr, but i dont want to change the triple clamps,brakes,wheels...etc...whats the best bolt on fork?

2) am adding subframe risers, and was wondering if i shim up my rear by shimming the rear shock 6mm like you guys on here recommend for better handling, will this be overkill with the risers?

3) am replacing my fork seals, but the shop only has 15w fork oil, not the much will this affect it? i like the forks stiff, but what would i be in for?

4) also, my parts order got messed up and i got the heat range 8 plugs instead of the 9's...they thought i had a i better off waiting until i get the 9's or will the 8's be fine?

thanks alot guys!!!
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