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TLR full system???

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Hi guys,

im looking to get a full system for my TLR :devious but need some guidance on what ones are best to get. i had an M4 system before from Sam which was great but not sure what else is available and if its any better :O

my next problem is they all seem to be in the US, im not fussed if its new or second hand but i just done want to be hit by £££'s of import tax unless i have to.

any pointers you guys could give would be helpful
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If you have already a full system changing to another will not gain you anything.Have you remaped on a dyno to get the full potential?
i dont have a system any more, i used to have one on my old TLR but sold that a while back. ive just got another TLR within the last few weeks and want to fit a full system to this one :)
any pointers you guys could give would be helpful
M4 still offers new full systems for the TLR.
PM speedking here on the forum. He will fix you up.

Also, I was surfing the web the other day and found a couple vendors that still offer D&D full systems for the TL. I don't recall if it was for the S or the R.
I'll check again......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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