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This is the fuel tank that was on my 2001 TLR when I bought the bike. Visually, it is not bad looking, but it has suffered some abuse from the previous owners.
These are the details and defects of note:
  • This is a "California" tank, so it has the internal vapor collector and the additional spigot on the bottom side (capped with a red cover in the photos).
  • The paint scheme is the 2001 Blue/White.
  • It is rust free.
  • There are plenty of paint chips/scratches from roughly 30K miles of road use and careless handling. I have attempted to highlight the more significant ones in the photos.
  • There are two dents. A small pea-sized one in the white section, and a larger ~50mm dent to the right of the filler cap. These are highlighted in the photos.
  • The fuel pump flange is straight and clean. It did not leak while it was mounted on my TLR. The pump gasket appeared to be the original OEM item when I swapped the pump plate over to the replacement tank, but I can't say for sure.
  • The significant damage is in and around the filler neck.
At some point, my guess is that someone attempted to install a filler cap that uses the 3-bolt fastening pattern, instead of the 4-bolt pattern standard on a TL. Persistent as they were, they drilled two holes through the tank at the bottom of the fuel cap well (highlighted in the photos). A normal 4-bolt cap assembly was installed when I bought the bike. Once I discovered the drilled holes, I simply "corked" them with small pieces of rubber. It worked until I found a replacement tank. If I were to use it again, I would have the holes brazed closed or apply an epoxy patch.​

  • The other issue with the filler neck is that it appears someone pried on the filler neck rim (see photo), and this likely wrinkled the filler tube where the cap latches inside (see photo). That also could explain why the paint around the filler is chipped so much. Still, while the OEM filler cap was installed I didn't detect any fuel leaking past the rim seal.
The aftermarket fuel cap will go with the tank. The anodize has faded through the years, and the o-ring seal has perished, but otherwise it is functional.

I am asking $170.00 for this TLR fuel tank - PayPal only. This includes shipping within the lower 48 states. Anywhere else will incur additional shipping charges.

If there is any interest, please call "Dibs" in this thread.
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