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TLR Build

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So last year I bought a 98 TLR with 56k sight unseen off Fleabay from 2000km away with 100kg+ of spares for $4k and shipped it to myself. All the panels were scratched up, right header had a good dent and r/h muffler was dented and scratched and she'd been sitting for a long time but it had a lot of nice gear and plenty of spares to justify the price. When it arrived nothing was bolted on properly, panels were cracked, oil was black….but!!!

this is what I got on the bike :)
PC3 with quick shifter
BMC filter
Full custom system with Yosh TRS slip-ons
Hel Braided Lines
Ohlins Shock
Ohlins steering Damper (went onto my good TLR)
Forks have gold valves
Cable clutch conversion
Undertray with led lights
Shift light of some sort (works well)
Brand new front tyre and not a bad rear
1/2 tank of fuel and a battery that works…. etc etc

And just some of the spares….
Hi point race wheels
New armstrong discs
Arrow carbon Slipons
Stock Slipons
Another shift light
clear clutch cover
Heap of spare panels, air box and subframe
Headlight protectors and tank BRA (thats not going on)
and thats just the major stuff

every nut, bolt, clip, bracket, oil filter or spare part that need replacing was in amongst the spares I got and most were new and genuine…so huge credit to the last owner. Changed the oil, put the key in (got a whole set too) and she fired right up and sounds sweet!!! no rattles and runs like a dream, lap down the road later and still couldnt find any major faults, so Ive stripped it down and spent the last few months running over everything, neatening wiring, rebuilt the rear calliper, got the dents and scratches out of the exhaust and cleaned up the mounts, all the paintwork is in the process of being done and its slowly coming together using the best of the bits that it came with….this is how I got it….


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After some cleaning up….


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And progress on the major build, all fluids replaced all wiring done…only parts Ive had to buy are a full set of decals and paint, rear calliper seals and a sprocket to suit the hipoint wheels. The awesome job on the paintwork is being done by my Dad. Enjoy…….


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Header dent Pressed out….


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looking super sharp. you got a deal on all those extras! that ohlins setup is sweet looking. I went the poor man's route and replaced the fluid in my stock damper. Have actually never ridden my S with a damper but once I get it back together with an upgraded rear damper, I will hopefully notice improved handling. Fork gold valves and new spring will be next years next upgrade. Keep up the pictures. I have always enjoyed yellow flashy fast things. :devious
Wow! You did a really nice job and those wheels look great!
Wow! You did a really nice job and those wheels look great!
Agreed. Those wavy discs are sleek.
Yeah it's looking good. I've got a huge dent in my pipe that goes under the engine. How did you get that out? I've heard to fill with water and freeze but I don't know about that.
Thanks guys, should be all done by the end of the month, hold up is a few decals on back order with suzuki. Ive heard of the freezing method and I know it works on mx bike headers, just hard to find a big enough freezer for TL Headers. I used a map gas torch and the longest wrecking bar I could buy to press it out from inside, when its white hot you can see where the bar touches as a black spot, Ill see if I have any before pics, was about 15x10mm and a good 5mm deep. Muffler was derived and dressed out by hand then all re-polished with scotch brite discs and wet and dry.
Very nice paint work.. So is the rest.
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Thank you very much for the info. I like your heat and push method. I'm afraid freezing the pipe may burst it. Last time I took someone's advise about getting a dent out I ruined my damn tank. My bike fell on crash barrier at the gas station and put a huge dent in it. I was told to fill it with air. Not the best idea. I hooked a compressor to the fuel line and the damn thing expanded like a balloon. Before I noticed it, it had bloomed the bottom of the tank out and it no longer fit on the bike. It was not a good day. That was over 20 years ago.
That's a lot of bike right there. Bet you can't wait to complete it.
Freezing will split a 2 stoke pipe if your not careful but I don't actually think it will have enough pressure to get dents out of thicker small diameter pipes like stock headers. Comperssed air in tank is never a good idea cause of the shape. You can take the pump out and pust the dents from the inside on something like one of weat filled pillows but the best think these days are the paintless dent removal guys, ive used a local guy on my car a few times with excellent results and last time he was here he said he does a lot of bike tanks.
Yeah really looking forward to it, its a very different setup to my other one so it will be an interesting comparison, Brembo's vrs stock with braided and wave rotors, penske vs ohlins, pc2 vs 3, busa forks vs gold valves etc etc.
You got a good deal that is turning into a nice ride. :thumbup
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Motorcycle fairing

Few more bits back from painting.


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They sell kits for taking dents out of GM TPI injection runner tubes. They're basically a bunch of really big ball bearings.
Automotive exterior Bumper Helmet Personal protective equipment Font

Before shot of the belly pan.

Heaps of ways to get dents out depending where they are, can even use hydroforming if you want to weld the end up, this just worked the bes for me and didnt have to remove the system...cause its a 1 piece system :banghead
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to repair the dent cap the ends of the pipe.

add 25psi air

warm the edges to the dent with a torch.

work to the centre and up to the correct profile.

don't melt it or it will blow a hole.
if it rises too far tap it down with a flat faced hammer
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