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TLR 30A fuse blowing?

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Hi all i have a a bit of a problem with my TLR,i just installed a new battery yesterday and went out for a quick ride and all was fine for a few miles then as i was travelling slowly in traffic the bike just died,lost all electrical power no dash no starter nothing at all.So i got recovered and got home and checked connections and fuses and found the 30A fuse in the starter relay above the battery had blown,so i put a new one in and started up fine then after about 30 seconds it blew again so i put another in and i blew as soon as i put it in.Do you think this could be happening because of the new battery or is it something else?
Has anyone had a similar problem?
Any help much appreciated.
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Obviously a short somewhere. Since you've just changed the battery then the place to start is the local connectors; anything that may have been disturbed when you changed it.
Hi ..... found the 30A fuse in the starter relay above the battery had blown,..... so i put another in and i blew as soon as i put it in.....

It is not due to the new battery.

If the key was Off when you installed the last fuse, then there is a short to ground from one of the RED power wires coming from the starter relay connector.

The solid RED wire goes straight to the ignition switch.

The Red/White wire goes to the large white gang connector and supplies power to the fuel pump circuit. It is hot (ON) all the time, so the problem could be as far down the line as the fuel pump relay connector.

Use an ohm meter to isolate where the short is. Disconnect each relavent connector and note when the short goes away.

Also, remove the fuel pump fuse to see if the short goes away.

Consult page 8-14 in the manual for the wiring diagram.
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I had a similar problem on a different bike the red positve wiring from the battery to starter relay despite looking good at end connections had deteriorated internally !
Thanks all for your input,all info supplied is very helpful and i will start from the battery wires and work my way up :)
Will post when i find the culprit
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