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TL1000s swing arm conversion!

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I'm swapping my tl1000s swing arm to a tlr. Does anyone know if the tlr exhausts are a better fit to save having to chop out where the rear exhaust is. Advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks
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Depends how you tackle it. to use R headers, you either have to relocate oil cooler or cut front header in half and weld front S header onto rear part of front R header so you do not have to relocate cooler. Arm bolts straight in.
As above

I have just cut my S headers and put the front pipe on the R headers

partly because I couldnt put the R oil cooler on to the 97 engine
Or you do the R oil cooler conversion :) Which is what Sparky did to mine and a R arm fitted :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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