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Looking at the TL the other day, I regret not having ridden it at all this year. Nothing wrong with the bike, I’ve been either too busy or I’ve been away.
I could really use the space to be honest.
So, here we go- for sale.
1997, bought from another forum member in 2016. Great fun bike, which I will MOT and put a new front tyre on.
Gold painted frame. GSXR forks, R6 rear shock. K&N air filter. Comes with all sorts of spares I acquired over 3 years but didn’t use. These include a frame and SORN logbook. S/arm. Crank, rods, pistons (why? Dunno, seemed a good idea at the time).2 sets std cans. 1set headers.2 sets lower fairings to turn it into a fully faired bike. (They will need some tidying) Clutch n cable. New chain & sprocket set. Lockset & keys.
I toyed with the idea of building the engine into the other frame, I prefer std. bare alloy- but with an average spare time running at 10mins per month, that would go on for 157 years and I’m already 63!
So, it’s a dose of reality.
I’m going to put a battery on, get it MOTD and fit a tyre. Then, £2000 and it’s yours.
Here’s the thing- to go to our caravan 80 miles away I can take the TL and an uncomfortable backpack, or the car.My wife goes in the car, I always take the TL and often turn 80 into 130 miles for fun. It’s that kind of bike.
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