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These seem to be hard to find for purchase and since I was measuring these for member "Wooly" anyway, I figured I would post this for anyone wanting to make their own, or give the dimensions to a fab shop for production of one or more. (NOTE: I measured with a basic "Gauge It" tool... so please make a mock up, or have your fab shop make a mock up before you make 10,000 units for sale!!!)

Mods can decide if this is something for the frequent mods section.

Reference photo:

A - 23mm (flange on lock nut)
B - 106mm (overall length of slider)
C - 24mm (hollow core of slider where nut is inserted)
D - 45mm (overall width of slider)
E - 30mm (overall width of slider tip that’s inserted into frame)
F - 13mm & 18mm (length of slider tip that’s goes into frame. 18mm on LH side, 13mm on RH side)
G - 41.25cm (overall length of threaded rod)
H - 12mm (inner diameter of hole that the threaded rod goes through)
J - 40mm (length of threads cut into one side of rod)
K - 13mm (length of threads cut into opposite side of rod)
L - 11mm (diameter of threaded rod, listed as “M12” size on my Gauge It tool)
M - 75mm (depth of inner hole "C" above)

1.) There is a “T” style reinforced bushing in the end of each slider to keep it from being crushed. Not needed if made from metal. Large end of the “T” is located on the inside of the slider and they appear to be molded in.

2.) The over all width of the slider (“D” on above picture) is not critical and can be larger or smaller for any appearance desired. The dimension listed is a nice size though, and I recommend it!

3.) The overall width of ths slider tip (“E” on above picture) is very critical as it inserts into an exsisting hole in TL frame.

4.) The bolt that comes out of the frame where this will be inserted comes out easily with light tapping and the new one goes in just as easy. No support of the engine is necessary while doing the swap (at least in my case).

5.) These are "NO CUT" sliders for factory TL100S bodywork, but if you have aftermarket lower plastic you will need to make holes for them to fit through.

Picture of them on my bike with holes in aftermarket lower plastics:

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