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I'm unfortunately going to be selling my TL1000s, 1998 model. MOT due end July, no issues with them previously. Only issue I've had recently is her cutting out once or twice when shutting off the throttle after riding for a while, but I found the revs were on the lower end at tick-over. I bumped these up and the last ride I had she ran like a dream. Could be something as simple as I haven't ridden her enough. 24,631 miles on the clock. With this in mind I'm looking at £2k.

She has the original shock, cans, and steering damper and starts on the 3rd "kick" as she always has since I owned her. Serviced and MOT'd regularly. Slight crack front left fairing above the indicator. A small hole was drilled to stop it progressing further (see photo). Has some light marks on it but she is 23 years old now. Washes up a treat. :)

The seat cowl and fairing is included, there are some marks on these. I took the fairing off when I got her so I could work on some issues with ease. She had an oil leak which I found was from the clutch cover, they distort over time being plastic, so this was replaced with the metal casing you can see. No issues since. The water pump was also replaced after developing a leak. Both front discs/brake pads were replaced only a few years back and I've not done a huge number of miles since.

Will be sad to see her go. She is a dream to ride and I've loved her to bits. Based in Essex.
If interested please connect me 07890 656605, [email protected]. More photos available as I could only add 10.
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