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Hello All..

I am aiming to fit a set of Tl1000R forks to my Bandit 600 MK2, I have the top/bottom yokes and a Bandit stem pressed however i am missing a few items:

6 pot Caliper (Bandit only has 4 pot and fixing holes are 63mm not 90mm)
Front wheel
Wheel spindle

Of course I could just buy the Tl1000R parts, but wanted to know if any other bike parts would be a direct fit for the TL1000r forks ?

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I've got most of these bits sat in my garage, left over from my gixer front end conversion.

My only question why are you doing this? The 6-pot brakes are a headache to look after compared with the stock bandit items. The TL forks will only add some extra weight and as I recall the originals worked fine. Probably nothing wrong with them that some new springs and oil wouldn't fix.

Might look a little prettier with USD forks but from a practical standpoint its hard to see the gain.

Still, I'd be happy to flog you the parts. :devious
Or go Gixxer front with radials :thumbup
Or go Gixxer front with radials :thumbup
on that fire-breathing, white knuckle ride that is the 600 bandit. :laugh
Hi to answer your question why change the forks its because of the below...

This was posted on bandit forum

Been a long time since my last post

You might be wondering the odd subject title, I really did not know what to type but here it goes..


My Father past away last July from two cancer growths in his brain, I am sure most people know someone who has been effected by cancer on this forum.. it was heart retching * to see someone so strong loose and to see an almost empty shell at the end, with him just able to speak.


One of the few things that bought me and my dad together was working on my bike together, I even bought him a 50cc moped which allowed him to relieve part of his youth, we would spend each day talking, planing and helping each other tweaking and modding my bike, we have a long list of things to do but since his passing I have not been able to spare the time/money or the emotional will to do it.


I know I will need to take the bike to a custom bike shop to finish the below, but I really don't know anyone in ESSEX or local to SOUTHEND ON SEA that is able to do the following:

Supply and FIT USD forks
Underslung Exhaust (Either use my current Blueflame or supply a new one)
Fit Renthal Streetfighter bars (Already purchased)
Chrome wheels (I did try this but only be able to get a dull silver, not mirror finish)
Replace Speedometer and rev clocks with MCL-5400 From Dakota Digital

I don't want freebies I am happy to pay, I just wanted to share how emotional important it is to finish a project that my dad and I started.

Thank you.
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I have decided to do all this myself, I guess u could say self theapy, but its become something I need to do.
If you could put some pics and prices on your garage stockpile, that would be great..
It's never easy to lose your father in death. :banghead With that said, a good therapeutic project could be just the ticket to help you deal with it. :thumbup

However, as Snowblind noted, the Tokico 6-pots are not a good choice. Go with a good set of Nissin 4-pots and you will be much happier in the end.

PM speedking.

he can supply 6 spot from a busa ( straight fit and quality) for a killer price. he can source everything else but a

quick look in the for sale forum here or on the planet will turn up the wheel and axle.
I do already have a 4 pot on my bandit, however the tl1000r have 90mm caliper mounts and my ones are 63mm.... Unless u guys know of a working adapter plate ?
If you want 6-pots I can give you a set. I have spares. They'll need a clean-up but they worked well when I had them on the tiller.
PM me the details of where and they are yours for the postage costs.

BTW if you need help with the machine work I can recommend AllBike engineering (ABE) in Greenwich. Its not too much of a haul from Southend. They have a breakers there too.
They have a breakers there too.
and I thought only doctors buried their mistakes :laugh
Why bury them when you can sell the parts? :laugh
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